Hi, I'm Matt Burrell.

I'm an independent software consultant, entrepreneur, weight lifter, and the founder of Solid Code Solutions, a software firm.

I started this blog to write about personal development, particularly around helping people improve their careers by becoming independent contractors and consultants. I want to help people move from what I call an 'employee mindset' to a business mindset. I combine ideas from psychology, philosophy, marketing, business and more.

I've worked as a permanent employee, a contractor and a freelancer. I also co-founded a startup. As a permanent employee, I felt stuck and disengaged. It felt like all my hard work was just making someone else rich.


Moving into consultancy gave me autonomy that I'd not experienced before. It set me on the journey of starting my own business and becoming an entrepreneur. I've never looked back.

I believe that everyone deserves more freedom and autonomy. My goal is to help you get it. I don't have all the answers but I'm excited to share what I've learned so far.

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